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While exchanging or renting items
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Receive updates Release this fall
Receive updates Release this fall


Item exchange

Item exchange

Exchange your assets with others in the game
Cope with buying and selling using ETH from barter exchange that meets condition for each other

Renting function

Renting function

You do not use it but you do not want to let it go … You can lend such “sleeping" items to people
Also recommended when using the required items in one point capture.

Renting function
Community for DAPPS Games

Community for DAPPS Games

You can talk about game cheats, or even boast items.
Let's get together with dApps game fans all over the world

Board Members

Yuichi Honda

President and CEO

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics, Chuo University, he directed the application for smartphones and worked on UI / UX improvement work.
He has been dealing with applications of various genres such as chat applications, music applications, and emoticons applications.
Since 2016 he has worked on the manga app "Manga KING" and has now grown to a service of 500,000 MAU. (No advertising, basically only organic users)
In December 2018, he has established Block Fanz Co., Ltd. to provide community services for dApps Games.

Ko Youngwook


He came to Japan at the age of 20 and worked as an AD on Nippon Television.
Then, after having experienced corporate sales at a Softbank affiliate company,
He had engaged in VC work at MOVIDA JAPAN. Founded Rocket Staff Co., Ltd. in 2010 and developed many media applications. From January 2018, ACA Network, an online advertising trading platform that utilizes blockchains, has been launched and is in its developing process.
As a work, “The textbook on token economy business” has been published by KADOKAWA.

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